The CII Process

We at CII are eager to work with you to plan and execute your next remodel project. To that end, we have prepared the list below to help you understand our process and what you can expect as we commit to this undertaking together.   Whether you intend to “gut” an entire living space and rebuild
or simply update a kitchen or bathroom – we can help.

Here’s a basic idea of what our process looks like:

Initial Contact

Call or e-mail our office so that we can discuss your upcoming project. We will ask you for basic details such as: location, basic description of the work you wish to do, the timeframe you are looking at for both the work to take place and (if applicable) a move in, and whether or not you own or are purchasing the space. It is also helpful to know if you have a designer or architect you are working with or if you are looking for one. Together, we will set up a time to walk the space together and discuss your plans, what is possible in the given space, and a ball park cost.

Detailed Pricing

Once we determine the feasibility of the details of your project, we will prepare a written scope of work and pricing for you to review. Please review it carefully and let us know if anything is incorrect or missing. If you have specific selections made in terms of materials – tile, plumbing, hardwoods, etc. – we can incorporate those selections into our estimate. If not, we’ll prepare an estimate using allowances and our “best guess,” of what your materials costs will be.

Sign The Contract

Once the scope of work is correct and the pricing is acceptable we will move forward with signing a contract. We typically write one of two types of contracts – fixed cost or cost-plus. A fixed cost contract works best for those clients that have blueprints, a designer or architect, or specific materials selections and a detailed plan prior to the start of the project. Cost-plus contracts are typically used in the case where a client wants to see how the space looks once demoed or needs more time to shop around for selections. One is no better than the other, it is simply a matter of preference. Together we can decide which contract will work best for your project.  Please keep in mind - we do not reserve space in our schedule for any project until we have a signed contract and a deposit in hand.

Getting Started & Job Progress

Prior to the job start date, we will send our scope of work to your building to get the go-ahead from building management. This typically involves providing a copy of our insurance certificate and walking the halls to make note of any damage to the outside and common areas. We will also obtain building permits if they are needed on your project.

If there are any special arrangements to be mindful of during the demo phase, we will need to know these prior to the start of the job. For example, if any of the appliances are to be saved or reused please let us know when the scope of work is written. Saving materials from the job requires a more careful demo and more time than if we are removing materials for disposal.

Once the job is underway, we will do our best to keep you informed of the progress. Please, call or e-mail the office if you have questions. While we do not set forth a particular daily schedule to provide our clients, we can you give a rough idea of timing as the job is progressing.

As a general rule, it will appear that a lot of progress is made when demo is taking place. Once we are working on the rough-ins for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC it may seem as though progress is slow. Once drywall is installed and finishing take place you will see more visible change to the job site.

Finishing Up

As the end of the job is nears we will be able to provide you with a finish date. Please keep in mind that, unless otherwise requested, we will leave the space in “broom clean,” condition. If you have other trades, such as drapery hangers, planning an install or if you are looking to immediately move-in, you will want to hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean or request that we do so on your behalf.


We will also want to schedule a walk through with you to point out any items you wish to see addressed by our crew. Remember, a punch list should consist of items and areas that the scope of worked covered. If you have other areas you wish to have addressed during the walk-through that is not a problem – just keep in mind that there will be charges to address these items.

Moving Forward

Once the job is complete and you have moved in – enjoy the new space you worked so hard to create! Remember, we are here for any questions you may have or small “honey-do,” type projects for the future. If what you need is not something we handle in-house, we can typically refer you to someone that can help. We rely heavily on the satisfaction of our clients and hope to make them repeat clients for a future project. Thank you!