Technology and Education

Staying abreast of industry changes has always been a cornerstone of CII’s business model. Over the years our employees have maintained and sharpened their skills through a variety of trade shows, continuing educations seminars, and specialized classes offered by various vendors throughout the city. Many of our employees enjoy hobbies such as mechanics, woodworking, and furniture building in their spare time. These hobbies help to make our employees more well-rounded craftsmen.  As the world becomes more dependent on technology, we too have implemented new technology in order to
better serve the needs of our clients.


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In 2016, we implemented the use of iPads in the field to allow our employees the ability to stay up to the minute on job changes, recording of timesheets, and on-site research when an issue arises.

In 2017, CII was one of the first contractors in Atlanta to invest in a pair of BuildClean filter systems. The BuildClean systems are used primarily during the demo phase of our jobs. This system helps reduce dust and air pollutants over the course of an entire remodel through a series of HEPA filters. Each job receives a new filter at the beginning of the job that is cleaned throughout the job in order to keep air quality at an optimum. These systems can also help reduce smells and other non-visible air particles.