Attention Plaza Towers’ residents–Are you having problems with window frame noise because your weatherstripping is worn out?  Clark Interiors has ordered custom weatherstripping to replace in and around window frames.  Based on a building standard window installation, the costs are as follows:

One bedroom – $750.00

Two bedroom – $900.00

Three bedroom – $1,100.00


Individual Window Openings – $375.00 each


Most existing windows have virtually no weatherstripping bristles left! 

Once the new weatherstripping is installed, you will have 3/8″ worth of bristles and a neoprene liner to block wind, weather and noise!


Contact us to schedule an installation appointment!   


Customer comment:

Thanks for solving my long time window problem.  As you know, we had several breezy days after your work, and I detected no “humming”.  RH